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Eichten's Bison



Perfect for multiple land use


The Eichten’s had been farming for more than 40 years when they started looking for an all natural meat to complement their all natural European cheeses.

Ed Eichten traveled extensively to research the viable options: deer, ostrich, fish and bison (buffalo). He determined that bison were the best fit for their land usage goals:

  • pasturing on native grasses

  • raising crops for bison consumption

Ed wintered his first herd of 13 bison in 1987. The herd grew to over 300 and is USDA certified all natural meaning that they are free ranged on pasture and are not subject to any added growth hormones or antibiotics. The combination of native grasses and organic grains was carefully researched and selected to ensure the great flavor experienced when enjoying Eichten’s buffalo meats.


In 2021 Ed's son-in-law, Nick, joined the family business and has since taken over ownership of the operation. The bison meat is distributed regionally to natural food co-ops, high-end restaurants, bars & grills, and grocery stores. They also offer discounts and delivery on individual, private orders.

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Which is it, bison or buffalo?

What we often call buffalo are actually American bison. The term buffalo applies to various wild oxen, such as the water buffalo of Asia and the Cape buffalo of Africa.

The bison are wild, untamed and intelligent animals which demand respect and space. They can run up to 40 miles an hour, jump up over five feet and weigh up to 3000 pounds.

Whichever term you prefer, the meat is richly flavorful, lean, high in vitamins and minerals and is growth hormone and antibiotic free.

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